All verification documents shall be sent to following e-mail address:

Unverified – Default CC first Deposit 
No Deposits Completed, fresh player. No documents requested / Gateways closed.  
KYC form filled without KYC GW completed / Missing KYC information / Agency Only Player 
Able to Add Missing basic player details. 

KYC 3P Checked – CC second Deposits (raising limits) 
Passport & POE Gates Open / request users documents to enable withdrawals and increase to basic limits. Player remaining unverified.  
Restrict change of Country, Email, first Name, Last Name, Address, DOB, Zip, City Fields.

KYC Verified – Approved ID & POA 
Following Initiate Document Request / send manual request Bo will show requested and pending file return. 
TBC validation process, Unknown email detail / document capture features?  
If any validation option on receival  

Wealth Verified – Source of Funds 
Funds & Other documents requested via BO to raise limits, 
Document collection to be verified per pending document capture feature. 
Following Validation of extra documents user level moves to member.  
Special Limit Exemption by Management must be obtained for players requesting limits higher than Member states. All VIP deposits and withdrawals to be approved by senior management only.