18+ T&C Apply

NEW Tournament Lobby!!!

We're excited to unveil the debut of the new MTT lobby on the WePlay Network! Players can anticipate a diverse array of daily and weekly tournaments boasting a collective guaranteed prize pool exceeding $150,000 monthly.

From exhilarating $1,000 guaranteed freerolls featuring cash rewards and diverse MTT packages to captivating Daily Specials. From the Daily Mains to the highly anticipated Sunday Main event, there's something tailored for every enthusiast to relish.

And here's a little secret for you: In the next few weeks, we'll be hosting a major MTT series. Stay tuned for more details!

Rest assured, our unwavering commitment at WP Network is to provide players with an MTT lobby that everyone can truly enjoy.

Daily Mains
Day Time (CET) Name GTD Buy-in Game
Monday 20:30 Monday Main  $2,500.00 $22.00 NLH
Tuesday 20:30 Tuesday Main PKO $3,000.00 $33.00 NLH
Wednesday 20:30 Wednesday Main $1,800.00 $16.50 NLH
Thursday 20:30 Thursday Main  $1,200.00 $11.00 NLH
Friday  20:30 Friday Main PKO $1,200.00 $11.00 NLH
Saturday 20:30 Saturday Main $1,000.00 $5.50 NLH
Sunday 20:00 Sunday Main Event $5,000.00 $33.00 NLH
Daily Specials
Day Time (CET) Name GTD Buy-in Game
Monday 19:00 Lucky Sevens Turbo $777.00 $7.77 NLH
Tuesday 19:00 Walk with Mephisto $666.00 $6.66 NLH
Wednesday 19:00 Wednesday Roller $500.00 $4.40 NLH
Thursday 19:00 Lucky Sevens Hyper $777.00 $7.77 NLH
Friday 19:00 Friday Night $600.00 $5.50 NLH
Saturday 19:00 Combo Breaker PKO $500.00 $4.40 NLH
Sunday 21:00 Last Chance Turbo PKO $1,000.00 $8.80 NLH


Reoccuring daily and weekly tournaments
Day  Time (CET) Name GTD Buy-in Game
Everyday 12h & 17h Daily Hyper Thrill $150.00 $1.10 NLH
Everyday 14h & 19h Daily Hyper PKO $250.00 $2.20 NLH
Everyday 16:00 Daily Turbo Drill  $400.00 $4.40 NLH
Everyday 18:00 Daily Turbo Freebuy $200.00 $0 NLH
Everyday 21:00  Last Chance Hyper $300.00 $3.30 NLH


Frequency Time (CET) Value Description
Mon/Sat 13:30 2.5$ - 15$ Awarding 5 tickets to Sat. to Daily Main
Saturday 19:30 1,033$ Awarding 20$ cash to 50 places + 1 ticket for Sunday Main
Sunday 19:30 1,006$ MTT Ticket bundles (Specials and Mains)

T & C:

- WP Network reserves the right to cancel any tournament prior to the start and refund player's buyins.

- In case of technical error, WP Network reserves the right to distribute prizes to the participants according to the ICM.