How I can turn on geolocation on my device?

Windows 10 - Turn GPS Location On/ Off
  1. From the Windows desktop, navigate :
Start -> Settings icon -> Privacy
Utilize the touchscreen (if available) or mouse to select the on-screen options.
  1. From the left-pane, select Location
To set the location on or off, select Change located under ‘Location for this device is on/off', then select the switch to turn on or off.
  1. If Location is turned on, select which apps can use your location by selecting the appropriate on/off switches (to the right of the app).
If this doesn't help, under the header "Default location" you can find button "Set default". Click this button and a pop-up "maps" will appear.
Close this pop-up and try again. (This updates the windows maps, which helps the geolocation work).

Video instructions for Android
Video instructions for Windows

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